Mold, or as we say in Canada; “Mould”… plus Asbestos and other nasty stuff

Are you in the middle of a property damage claim to your home or business? Even if you are close to resolving matters, have you thought about what danger lurks between those walls? Or what is hiding between the floors and ceilings? Or what is in your attic or crawlspace?


Don’t ‘let sleeping dogs lie’. If ever there was a time to speak up, it’s now. If you care about your health and wellbeing, you cannot ignore this simple fact: There are many dangerous substances found within homes and buildings, even newly constructed buildings. If they’ve been affected by your claim or are the result of your claim, call us for help.

Was your insurance company really thorough in their assessment of your building? Have they found mould, asbestos or any other hazardous substance? More importantly, are they trying to deny any responsibility for it?


Mold or asbestos abatement or remediation is very expensive. There are numerous other hazardous substances or building materials that fall into the same category. In many cases, your insurance company will not even check for mold, asbestos or other bad stuff…even if they do, they will usually try to find exclusions under your policy and tell you the mould or other dangerous material is pre-existing and they will try to deny your claim.


Mold can cause very serious illness and property damage. Mould or any other dangerous substance could cause contamination and also destroy your property and contents. The Claims Advocate Team has the experts who can assess your home or building for all the dangers that insurance companies want to ignore or overlook. Our experts are very successful at proving that mould is a result of the property damage you have incurred. They will identify other areas of concern that might compromise public health and safety.


Water losses may produce mould if not properly remediated. In most policies, mold that happens over an extended period of time is typically not covered. We have successfully argued that a mould claim should be covered under an insurance policy when it is the result of a covered loss. Mold exclusions are never really clear or straightforward, so if the “other damage” is a covered peril, then the policyholder may have coverage for all of it.

We take our job very seriously. We will not cut corners or allow the insurance company to do so, when it comes to the health or safety of our clients or any of the occupants of their homes or businesses. This is why you need us to help you with your mould or asbestos claim.

We’ve got your best interests at heart, so call us now. We specialize in adjusting mould and asbestos claims or any other losses with environmental concerns. CALL US NOW.

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