Fire and Smoke Insurance Claims are Very Destructive

Are you, or somebody you know, the victim of a fire insurance claim?


Having a fire, is one of the most traumatic and stressful events that a family or business will experience. A fire insurance claim requires a team of experts to help adjust your loss. The Claims Advocate Team will help you by lifting this burden. We work on your behalf to get you the most beneficial claims settlement, so you can move forward with rebuilding your life.

As you think about your options and try to work through this ordeal with the insurance adjuster, a call to The Claims Advocate Team will make your life easier and less stressful.

This fire has destroyed a part of your life. You might even find yourself homeless. Where do you start? What are you covered for? How much money will you have? Who is going to help you? You have a lot of important decisions you need to make. Whether the fire damage is partial or very extensive, we help protect your rights. There is going to be so much time and stress placed on you while the insurance company investigates and calculates everything. We are there when you need us most, so you can focus on your family’s immediate safety and daily needs, or on the continuation and survival of your business.

Fire and Smoke Insurance Claims. It’s what we do.

Nobody should have to fight with their insurance company for what they are entitled to. Let us be your voice. They will tell you they can get rid of it, clean it or seal it. Know this: Smoke travels everywhere and it gets into everything. Our experts know that the flames, smoke, soot, high heat temperatures and the highly corrosive and toxic chemicals from the burning of materials and products, are forced into all areas of the structure by extreme heat pressure, which causes extensive unseen damages to the building and its contents.

We investigate and document all damages properly and find any hidden damage which is often overlooked by the Insurance Company. Hidden fire or smoke damage can include a wide variety of things including any poor or improper repair or cleaning methods, smoke and/or ash remnants, diminished air quality, or other dangerous or toxic substances.

Let us review your policy so we are getting everything you are entitled to. We will prepare all the documentation and deal with your insurance company. Together, we will work on getting the best settlement possible.

If you’ve suffered a fire and have fire or smoke damage and need professional help to maximize your insurance claim settlement, call the experts at The Claims Advocate Team for a free consultation. Retaining us balances the power imbalance that exists between you and your insurance company. We know the insurance claims and restoration business because we worked in the business. CALL US NOW for a free consultation.

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