Client Testimonials

We see the obstacles and the solutions – when managing and negiotating your property claim

Property Claims Adjusters Ontario

Susan and Mike, I wanted to take this opportunity just to thank you from the bottom of my heart with all your help. It means so much to me. I cannot explain to you how much stress she’s caused in my life with trying to heal through this process. But you guys came along as angels and taken all that off my plate. God Bless you guys.

— Vas

Property Claims Adjusters Ontario

Hi Susan, 6 months have gone by with this adjuster and nothing! Thankfully I hired you and the demo is finally done. Thanks for getting me the advance money, I got one cheque for $107,000 and another for $44,000 for contents. Everything is finally working out. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m so happy my insurance broker recommended you.

— Donna

Property Claims Adjusters Ontario

The CAT is the best. Our insurance company was giving us the run around on a water damage claim that their contractor messed up and caused mould growth. They did not want to pay for things that we needed to repair. We hired Mike and Sue and they negotiated a great settlement on our behalf. We were happy they dealt with our insurance company directly and it was a huge relief for us to finally get on with our lives. This would not have been possible without The Claims Advocate Team

— Bill

Property Claims Adjusters Ontario

I am so pleased that I have you working with me. Thank you!

— Cheryl