Type of Losses

Fire Loss Claims Adjusters Ontario

Fire Damage Claims

A fire insurance claim requires experts to help adjust your loss. We work on your behalf to get you the most beneficial claims settlement, so you can move forward with rebuilding your life.

Flood Damage Claims Adjusters Ontario

Water Damage Claims

Contact our Licensed public adjuster’s today to learn how we can help guide you through the water damage claim process and get you the best settlement.

Storm Damage Claims Adjusters Ontario

Storm Damage Claims

Over the past few years, we seem to be witnessing more intensity from storms resulting in significant damage. Contact our team to learn how we can help.

Call Us If…

  • Your damages are fairly extensive
  • You aren’t clear on what you are entitled to and the policy wording is confusing or complicated
  • You’ve experienced too many delays or even a denial of your claim
  • The Insurance company has demanded an Examination Under Oath or wants to go to “Appraisal”
  • Your insurance company is trying to get you to ‘sign off’ with a quick settlement
  • The insurance company’s adjuster is unresponsive or being difficult
  • Your main focus is to get your life back to normal as soon as you can
  • You want an experienced professional to work for you in dealing with the Insurance company
  • The company Adjuster is trying to talk you out of speaking to a Public Adjuster
  • You’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed and don’t have the time or expertise to deal with your claim
  • The insurance company hasn’t given you enough money, or fixed things properly
  • The settlement your insurance company has offered isn’t enough
  • You are not comfortable with the alternative living arrangements that your insurance company has made for you
  • Or, you’ve simply had enough of dealing with your insurance company

We have the expertise to implement the best strategies on your property claim, so you can achieve the best results.